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"We provide strategies to men for breathing new life into their marriages, even if their wives appear disengaged and resistant to efforts to restore the relationship.

You're here because you believe in your marriage. You believe that it deserves more than just surviving, that it can and should flourish. Welcome to our community, a fellowship of men united by a common purpose - to revitalize their marriages and family lives.

At the heart of our coaching approach is a firm belief in your capacity for growth and transformation. We're here to help you evolve into the best version of yourself. We're here to guide you in fostering a profound bond with your wife, an environment where she feels cherished, respected, and safe. A relationship where intimacy is the daily norm, not the exception.

Our goal isn't just to help you patch things up in your marriage, but to guide you in building a relationship that's stronger and happier than it's ever been. We believe in learning from past mistakes and using those lessons to create a future beyond your wildest dreams.

Each day, we witness the power of transformation. Marriages on the brink of collapse transform into strong partnerships within weeks. Our method is unique, focusing on the root causes that stress a marriage. We equip you with skills to master subconscious communication, enabling you to reach your wife emotionally, to dismantle barriers she may have erected over time.

The first step towards change begins with self-awareness and responsibility. We encourage you to reflect on your role in the marriage and accept responsibility for your actions and attitudes. Even when it feels like your wife has given up, your transformation can breathe new life into the relationship.

Every day, we successfully bring about meaningful transformations in marriages.

We want you to envision a future where your marriage is not just safe from divorce but is filled with passion, love, and mutual respect. A life filled with purpose, deep connections, and happiness. Together, we can make a difference, one rejuvenated marriage at a time. Welcome to our mission, our community. Let's build better marriages and better lives, together.

We are unique in our approach

Marriage Counseling

Rethinking Marriage Counseling

  • The Marriage Counseling Conundrum Traditional marriage counseling, viewed as a last resort for couples close to separation, often fails to deliver the desired results. This is largely due to its insistence on active participation from both spouses, turning sessions into contentious debates rather than avenues for understanding.
  • Deals with Symptoms While Missing the Root Cause The current model tends to focus on symptoms of discord rather than the root causes, resulting in a shallow exploration of minor issues while larger problems remain unaddressed.
  • The Time and Cost Implication ⏰💸Success in this model often necessitates individual therapy sessions alongside joint ones, a process that demands significant time and financial investment.
  •  Targeting Key Areas and Fundamentals 🎯 Our uniquely crafted approach targets individual's core needs instead of insisting on joint participation. This "aim before you fire" method zeroes in on key happiness areas, proving significantly successful. It provides a personalized lifeline to couples, steering them towards fulfilling, resilient relationships. 💪

Redefining Relationships: The Power of One

  • One partner can spark meaningful change in a relationship. This principle challenges traditional views that stress 'it takes two' to mend a marriage.
  • At the heart of this approach is unconditional love, which involves acceptance, patience, and continuous efforts, even if immediate reciprocation is not guaranteed. It's about consistent care and understanding, leading to a slow but rewarding growth in the relationship.
  • The method encourages understanding your partner's individuality and managing personal differences to find the true meaning of unconditional love. This understanding can result in a deeper connection, greater happiness, and a lasting bond.
  • By believing in the transformative power of one, you can reshape your relationship's future. This process starts with you, redefining your shared journey towards a happier, fulfilled marriage.
Marriage Takes One
Subconcious Communication

Subconcious Communication

  • The Bridge of Empathy Subconscious Communication is like a bridge, a bridge built from empathy, understanding, and deep connection. This bridge closes the emotional gap between you and your wife, allowing you to truly connect on a profound level.
  • Speaking to Her Heart At its core, Subconscious Communication is the art of speaking directly to your wife's heart. It's about understanding her at a deep level, where words become a soothing balm for her soul. It's the joy of seeing her heart open, her smile warm, and her touch tender.
  • Rekindling Love and Intimacy Imagine the renewed spark in your relationship. Subconscious Communication can reignite the flames of communication, respect, trust, and intimacy that may have been missing for years. It's the tool to rebuild and rekindle what you once had. 
  • Unbreakable Trust and Endless Love Subconscious Communication is your key to a marriage where trust is unshakable, love is boundless, intimacy is limitless, and emotional connection is your daily reality. It's the pathway to renewing your vows, your bond, and a lifetime filled with deep, soul-stirring, and invigorating love.

Aim Before You Fire

  • Understanding First: Grasp the deep issues in your marriage. Don’t act before truly understanding the ‘marriage cancers’ that underlie the surface problems.
  • Focus Your Efforts: Tailor your actions to address and heal the real root causes, ensuring that your energy targets what truly matters in fixing your relationship.
  • Patience is Key: Healing is gradual. Aim your consistent and thoughtful efforts at nurturing and mending the profound issues in your relationship.
  • Aim for Transformation: Through focused actions, aim to not just temporarily solve but profoundly transform and heal your marriage, allowing a richer connection to flourish.
Aim Before You Fire

David Osdoba, a devoted husband to Malky since 2006 and the proud father of seven delightful children, is the guiding force behind Amazing Marriage Fast Track. He has dedicated his life to help men navigate the complexities of their marriages, successfully assisting hundreds to spot and address the issues that, despite their best intentions, have been driving their wives away.

With a keen understanding of marital dynamics, David is adept at helping you identify the critical areas that need attention and healing in your relationship. His unwavering commitment is to guide you on this transformative journey, enabling you to build a marriage that's strong, fulfilling, and resilient.

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